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What is the PTA?

To find out more about PTA you can go to the national PTA website at: http://www.pta.org/The PTA (Parents Teachers Association) is the largest volunteer association in the world devoted solely to the welfare of our children. The basic concern of the PTA has always been to create a better life for every child – whatever his/her race, religion or economic status. In the process the PTA has united parents, teachers, students and other citizens of the community in the effort to realize this goal. The benefits are many and include class trips, reading and art programs, playground equipment and fun events that take place all year long for the students of Linwood Elementary School.

History of PTA

The National Congress of Parents and Teachers (now the PTA) was organized by Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst in December 1896. The first national meeting of the National Congress of Mothers (as it was first called) was held in Washington D.C. in February, 1897. In 1908 the name was changed to the National Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations in an effort to recognize the importance of the parent-teacher partnership. In 1924, the name was changed to the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. In 1950, the group’s national headquarters was established in Chicago. The initial focus of the group was on mother/teacher cooperation and child welfare issues. However, as the organization grew and diversified, it supported many other causes including sex education, teacher salary increases, mothers’ pension laws, safety, homemaking, adult education, nutrition, anti-drug and -tobacco use, race relations, fluoridation of water supplies, and polio prevention.  Though our Linwood PTA has not been around quite as long, our board member dedicate their time and effort to ensure that the ideas and goals founded many years ago are shared with our Linwood families today.

Ways You Can Support the Linwood Elementary School PTA!

1. Join the PTA! Your voice counts – but you have to be an active member to vote! Only $10 per person to join! You can pick up a membership envelope in the Linwood Elementary School Office or at our next Linwood Elementary School PTA meeting.

2. Come to the Meetings! PTA meetings are held monthly in the Linwood Elementary School cafeteria.  We discuss our events, our budget and take input from members on all topics. We need volunteers, of course, but we are also in need of parent input when it comes to making decisions about fundraisers and future projects. Everyone is welcome! This website lists all of the meeting dates and the meeting minutes will be posted on-line afterward.

3.  Attend School Functions: PTA volunteers work hard in the planning and execution of school events such as Linwood Reads parties, School Carnival/Tricky Tray, Grandparents Day, Dads and Donuts, Moms and Muffins, and Open House, to name a few.  It takes a lot of work to put together events for over 650 kids and their families! Please show your school support by coming to these events ~ we look forward to seeing you!

5. Read the Linwood Elementary School Newsletter and Check the Website! Yes, by reading these, you’re supporting the PTA! To be informed is to be involved and there may be something that inspires you to participate!

6. Thank a PTA Volunteer: Those who are always at school looking incredibly busy but with a big smile – – chances are they’re PTA volunteers. When someone sells stylish Linwood apparel, fills your fundraiser order, types up the event fliers, unpacks boxes at the book fair, and turns a playground into a carnival — show them you appreciate their efforts to make this a better school for our kids! We couldn’t accomplish anything without our fabulous volunteers!

It is a group effort!  Give where and when you can.  If it is making a few calls from home or becoming a chairperson of an entire event we are always in need of volunteers!  Let us know your expertise and we will put you to work.

Board Members

Linwood School Principal Julie Berk Slate of Officers 2014 – 2015 President Adrianne Raia 1st Vice President Samantha Helt 2nd Vice President Jeri Diaz Treasurer Star Mendivil Secretary Jeff Orchard Historian Marcela Mendoza Parliamentarian Tracy McCarter Auditor Brandy Phillipe Membership Chair Ralna Knudesn Share

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