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Linwood READS!

Are you ready for another year of LINWOOD READS? The PTA is thrilled to be sponsoring Linwood Reads to help children build a love of reading.

Linwood Reads is an at-home reading incentive program which rewards students for reading at home as part of their nightly homework. Students in Kindergarten and first grade use reading logs to record the books read and turn these logs into their classroom teacher. Students in second through sixth grade will utilize a computer-based reading quiz system (Accelerated Reader) to test comprehension on the books read and award points for each quiz passed. Students will have approximately 4-5 weeks to accumulate points and at the end of each designated period we will have a reading celebration for all students reaching their goal.



Monthly Goal

Yearly Goal


2 Sheets

16 Sheets

1st Grade

3 Sheets

24 Sheets

2nd Grade

6 Points

48 Points

3rd Grade

8 Points

64 Points

4th Grade

10 Points

80 Points

5th Grade

12 Points

96 Points

6th Grade

14 Points

112 Points


Accelerated Reader is a beneficial program because it not only motivates students, but also allows us to assess how well students are understanding what they read. REMEMBER, reading is not saying words and turning pages. Reading is understanding what words mean and seeing the events of a book unfold in your mind.

Come help us celebrate these great accomplishments!  We love for our Linwood parents to join us in making these celebrations memorable events that every student will strive to attend.  Come volunteer your time to make this day extra special!

To find out what level your child should be reading at talk with their teacher then search the website below to find books that are just right!